Who is Verge Management Group???

Verge Management Group was founded with the purpose of helping bringing our partners innovative strategies in Talent Acquisition to help them win the talent war within Industrial Control System Cyber Security.  We are not trying to change all of the many sound principles our industry has developed through the years, but does it hurt to make them better while targeting talent in a niche space?  Your Account Executive will be be the most connected Industrial Cyber Security Recruiter globally, without question. 

Finally, we believe that the best business is done when the client and the service provider have a PARTNERSHIP and not just a relationship.  You can have a relationship with anyone, but a partner is someone who takes the initiative to understand your business from its culture to how it earns revenue.  Too often recruitment professionals simply look for key words on a resume. Especially within OT, ICS, SCADA, IIoT Cyber Security.  The fact is, it takes a special breed of person and combination of experience to speak, in reality, two different langauges (IT/OT). This takes a much deeper dive during the vetting process.

With a topic as sensitive as securing our critical infrastructure, you best get it right. This fact is why we value a partnership in which we work intimately with our clients to cultivate an understanding of their corporate culture, position responsibilities and candidate qualifications to fine-tune our search strategy to meet your needs.

Our undying passion for a space and technologies that not only can save lives, but also are pushing industries that are the heartbeat of our country to the forefront of tech.  Our drive to challenge the status quo in our methods and constant sense of urgency enable us to connect our clients with the talent they require to stay on top. We look forward to partnering with you soon.

Strategic Innovators

Big Data, Social Media, Targeted Marketing Campaigns and good old fashioned telephone calls to the right people are a few of the tools that VMG uses to reach top talent.  But each position, and more importantly each candidate should be engaged with a unique focus. At VMG we are constantly innovating and adapting our methods to best serve our partners.

Eye For Impactful Talent

To be a valued Industrial Cyber Security Recruiter, you must be doing more than checking off qualifications on a resume. VMG employees pride themselves in having a keen eye for IMPACTFUL TALENT. The type of talent our partners demand in the very niche space of  Industrial Control System Cyber Security.  We understand that the most impactful talent will not only fit your requirements on paper, but also possess the soft traits that align with your company’s culture and vision going forward. 

Trusted Advisors

We insist our partners are proactive in being engaged with VMG during a search and commited to operating and with the utmost integrity. Simply, there are too many potential clients that fill these checkboxes for us to take a chance with a partner who lacks commitment and integrity. And we demand the same from ourselves.  VMG is here to be your trusted advisor in talent acquisition for ICS Cyber Security and not just another vendor. Our clients continue to partner with us because VMG is made up of business professionals who have proven themselves in truly understanding our client’s business initiatives during the creation and or modification of their talent acquisition strategy.  

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About August 21, 2015