Sometimes you gotta lighten the mood. (And give a little information)

Ok, we get it.  All of this is not exactly relevant to recruiting.  But we work hard and we play hard, and that means taking some time to laugh!  

For us that means occasionally taking a minute or three for some comedic relief to help us keep our sanity during long days when the IT guy tells you to “just take it offline so we can patch it”. 

These are a few of our favorites.


  • Lock Your Mobile Devices September 29, 2020
    The number one step for protecting your mobile device is making sure it has a strong screenlock on it so only you can access it.
  • Unique Passwords September 28, 2020
    Make sure each of your accounts has a separate, unique password. Can't remember all of your passwords/passphrases? Consider using a password manager to securely store all of them for you.
  • CEO Fraud September 25, 2020
    CEO Fraud / BEC is a type of targeted attack. It commonly involves a cyber criminally pretending to be your boss, then tricking or fooling you into sending the criminal highly sensitive information or initiating a wire transfer. Be highly suspicious of any emails demanding immediate action and/or asking you to bypass any security procedures.
  • Email Auto-Complete September 24, 2020
    Be careful with email auto-complete. This is an email feature that automatically completes a name for you when you begin typing it in the TO field. However, your email client can easily complete the wrong name for you. If you are emailing anything sensitive, always be sure to check the TO field a second time […]
  • Use Caution Opening Links Email Messages September 23, 2020
    A common method cyber criminals use to hack into people's computers is to send them emails with malicious links. People are tricked into opening these links because they appear to come from someone or something they know and trust. If you click on a link, you may be taken to a site that attempts to […]
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