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VMG Contingency Search

As we have emerged from the recession and the economy begins to take hold, are you finding that key positions continue to remain empty or are becoming filled by under performers? During this time with increased focus on cyber security, especially within Industrial 4.0 or Critical Infrastructure, you cannot afford to waste your time or money by hiring under-performers. By utilizing VMG’s Contingency Search services you can expedite the search process, increase candidate quality and improve your retention rates while off-loading many of your day to day staffing burdens to a partner who understands the unique skillsets required for cyber security within critical infrastructure.

We believe our role is to supplement your search efforts and we feel this approach has contributed to the strong relationships we have with our client’s HR organizations. Our value is in taking the “tough to fill” positions off your plate and enabling your HR team to improve efficiencies by focusing on other staffing projects that are critical to the success of the company. Unlike traditional recruiting companies we will assist you through the recruiting process, as well as take an active and advisory role during candidate selection, striving to ensure the long term success of the placement.

In a contingency search arrangement, a fee is not due until we have successfully completed the search and the prevailing candidate has begun work. One of the benefits of a contingency search service is the flexibility in which the fee agreement can be structured. We will consider your requirements, timelines, goals for the position, company culture, etc. and develop a fee agreement that will meet your needs.

VMG Retained Search

A Retained Search is preferable in cases where a company has a pressing need for a key position to be filled within a small time frame or in many cases confidentially. The positions filled under this arrangement are normally of strategic importance to the organization and quite often are for leadership positions. For this type of need, the advantages of a retained search are significant. A Retained search assignment is given priority status in terms of the level of consulting talent assigned to the search and the time and resources that are dedicated to the project. A retained search will always involve the direct oversight of a Partner and in many cases will be conducted by a Partner. Candidate profiling and testing is offered as a complimentary service for all retained search assignments.

The fees for a retained search are typically higher than in contingency assignments, given the level of energy and resources that a search firm invests in sourcing quality candidates. Retained Search fees are normally paid by the client over three set time periods (beginning of the search, at 45 days and then again at 90 days) as previously established milestones are met.

Talent Acquisition Consulting

Employer Branding

Does your brand image coincide with the talent you are trying to attract?  An employers brand is of utmost importance as it is the first sign of who you really are.  Are you looking for a younger demographic for talent? More women?  Talent with an entrepreneurial spirit? Whether it is social media presence, main website, careers page or marketing collateral Verge Management Group is well versed on how to adjust or build your unique brand to attract and engage top talent. It is a candidate driven market and you best believe that the brand image you put out during your recruitment efforts has a direct impact on which candidates even get to the careers page, and for the ones that do, which ones follow through with the entire process.  Do not let a poor branding strategy keep you from engaging with the very best talent out there.

Recruiter Training

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Services Provided January 31, 2016