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Welcome to Verge Management Group

Our own people have been hand picked for their ability to deliver superior service throughout the world at unmatched value. We will know your business and how each position impacts the revenue. We are proud to have our clients think of us as their trusted advisors


We Listen

We bring a sales strategy to talent acquisition. The best sales people are in tune with their clients needs and business goals. We want to not only know your business but how each position impacts your companies bottom line.

We Think

We are not here to just fill seats. We collaborate as a team to pin point what top talent for your specific business looks like, where and how they should be targeted and then we move to the next step of developing a plan for the engagement.

We Create a Plan

Having a goal means nothing if you cannot define the tactics to reach your it. We understand that it takes certain actions and strategies to engage our partners Grade A Talent.

We Deliver

Our strategy is always defined and clear. If we cannot deliver real value to our partners then we cannot stay in business.

We Are Passionate

This is more than recruiting to VMG. Our staff takes tremendous pride in being able to connect Top Talent with tremendous opportunities in spaces as important as cybersecurity within critical infrastructure.

We Are Innovative

We have noticed a disconnect within the recruiting industry in not just technology but in the methodology current firms use in approaching talent acquisition. VMG is constantly adapting our own methods to the way we find and then engage with top talent.

We Are Friendly

If your recruiting firm doesn't have an absolute LOVE for people then they should not be in the business of human capital! Our love for personal relationships is why we are still here today.

We Are Relentless

Our team is made up of people who operate with a sense of urgency and have an intense desire to win. This desire pushes each one of us to always be learning, growing and pushing to be the top talent acquisition firm in our areas of focus.


Verge Management Group realizes that for too long the talent acquisition industry has been made up of resume and job description key word finders, who have no real idea on how to find and engage top talent. Especially within IoT/OT Cybersecurity. At VMG we first collaborate to learn how the position impacts revenue and why it's unique. How many recuitment firms can speak to the disconnect between IT and OT. Or why you cannot simply "take it offline and patch it?" We understand your business. Combine this with our team of professionals who have been specifically chosen for their keen eye in recognizing top talent. Now you have a superior option when considering who to partner with for outsourced recruiting.

We do not do it all….On purpose. We target a few key industries and continually invest our time in learning them. Some may call us a boutique search firm, but we like to ask, “Do you remember the old saying of you can either be a jack of all trades, master of none?” We prefer to be called focused and strategic. We are not handymen, we are surgeons.

Finally, we place pride in being industry displacers by incorporating innovative methods the establishment hasn't evolved enough to try. Partner with VMG to be your SNIPER in finding IoT, OT ICS Cybersecurity talent.


You Want to be on our Team??

We are ALWAYS on the lookout for Tier A Talent, but we aren't looking for just anyone. We want SELF-STARTERS who operate with a sense of URGENCY. The right candidate will possess a competitive spirit, and will understand our belief that putting massive amounts of action towards a well-defined plan equals success.

We want BUSINESS minded people who can understand how each position is impacting how our partners create revenue. No seat fillers, order takers, resume key-word readers here folks. If you have experience in recruiting, fantastic! And if you come from a sales background, with documented success (we check) even better! Sound like you? Send us a note and let us know why you're the VMG material.

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""I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day you bet on people, not on strategies." Steve Jobs

We could not agree more.

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